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Bankruptcy Law Attorneys in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Bankruptcy/Section 128 Debt Amortization

Our legal team handles cases involving financial distress and bankruptcy. If you're in financial trouble and need help contact our legal team to look over your financials. Our team will check to see if you qualify for debt relief. If you do need to file for bankruptcy our team will also help guide you through the necessary steps and process to gain your financial freedom back. In today's economy, many people are having financial trouble. People are:

  • Behind on Bills

  • Receiving Call from Creditors

  • Paying Debt Collectors from Paychecks

  • Receiving Calls Warning Utility Shut Off

  • Worried about Driver's License Suspension

  • Stressed After Loss of Employment or Decreases in Income

  • Unable to Pay Major Medical Bills

We serve the needs of clients in Pulaski, Suamico, Howard, and the greater Green Bay, Wisconsin area.

Learn More About Your Options

Our compassionate experienced staff can assist you with your financial troubles. We help people find debt relief. One option is what is known as “Chapter 128.” Under an innovative Wisconsin Law, interest charges, late fees, and over-limit fees on your debts are frozen, and a debt repayment plan is set up to allow you to pay your debts and avoid lawsuits, wage garnishments, and utility shut-offs without filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is another option, contrary to what you have heard, bankruptcy is still available. Bankruptcy helps many of our clients get the second chance they need, a fresh start financially. We may also be able to help stop foreclosure proceedings from taking your home or real estate. You have options.

We can help you find true debt relief. We are local attorneys who take pride in helping others.

At Lewis & Van Sickle, LLC, we strive to provide the highest quality legal service to individuals and families facing complicated situations. We are ready to work with you to pursue a favorable resolution to your legal matters.

We are proud to serve clients in Howard, Suamico, Pulaski, and throughout the greater Green Bay, Wisconsin area. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with us, or call (920) 434-9977.